Work in progress: horse

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes, it's the hunk of plaster aka "HORSE" that took two weeks to dry completely. Thought I would document my progress so I can feel productive. It is based on an online class I took with dollmaker Cindee Moyers through I am particularly proud of the tassle tail. Installing it was a bit rigorous (with an awl), but we both recovered well.

I used Stiffy (get it at Michaels) on this spiffy mane to make it, you guessed it, stiff! The fabric scraps were something my friend Carolyn gave me from her class at Quilt Fest that involved laser cutting fabric. See--there are no pesky frayed edges!

I do love the legs. Mostly because I finally found a use for this ultra-cool yarn that has no practical purpose (I made a dumb-ass purse out of it that when I was all done, was about 1/3 the size I thought it was going to be from the photo). Think it's called NORO or something. I like it way better as "yarn for horse stockings."

See, this is where I got stuck a few months back. It was so traumatic to get that lump of wet plaster to dry, that I was afraid to lay a brush on it. Um, jeez, was I afraid I was going to wreck the doorstopper? Weird how that happens sometimes. But then last weekend I got in a damn-the-torpedos mood and just starting painting. I know--it still looks a lot like painted concrete--but it's coming along. I started with three colors, but I got bored with that and added another three or so, then started goofing around with decorator chalks, then sprayed him (guess I already SPAYED him--is that a male without his junk?) with fixative. I'm not so crazy about the texture--it's hard to get paint in the pitted surface.

Working on the rider next. Cut out one body and it seemed too small for this horse, so I started again.


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