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Friday, January 14, 2011

I receive Alerts in Google whenever my name is mentioned, just to keep an eye on my online profile. With 12 blog followers, you never know what could happen.

The first time I received an alert, I thought, wow, someone REALLY liked my blog post and now they're writing about me! Then I found out I had died. At 85. In Iowa. Funeral services would be on Friday at 10 a.m. at Mission Baptist Church.

The second and third time I received an Alert, I was still excited. But it turns out my dying is pretty common. I die every couple of months. There are at least 500 people with my name, and we all can't be feeling good all the time. Of course I was a stuntwoman in the 1930s and sometimes things come up on eBay with my photo on them - like an ad for Camels. "When Mary Wiggins needs to be calm, she reaches for a Camel" - and there I am strapped to the wings of a bi-plane. {I was Claudette Colbert's double for her dive off the ship in It Happened One Night.}

Usually, though, I am attending a conference for art docents in the Mukilteo School District or named in a photo of the graduating scuba class in Florida.

One day I'm going to hit it, though. And hopefully it won't be my obituary.


thedifferenceisinthedetail said...

This post is really hillarious ! I remember Holly mentioned she has that alert on her name.... I had fun reading your post !

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